Burning the Candle on Both Ends

Posted on March 18,2012 by sskeenmspp

Earlier in the semester, I wrote about the difficulty of balancing fun, rest, and productivity during weekends. Well, I'm happy to report that for the past few weeks, I've shifted my focus to the fun stuff.

Last weekend, my wife, Sonja, and I flew down to Washington to meet up with some old friends and celebrate a few recent birthdays. We lived there for a while before we moved to Boston, so it was really nice to catch up with our D.C. friends and visit some favorite restaurants and sights.

Then this weekend, we flew to Charleston, South Carolina, so that Sonja could go to a creative writing conference at the College of Charleston. We also have some close friends from college who recently moved to the area, and we had wanted to visit them and see their new digs. My brother, Jeff, lives only a few hours away, so he met up with us too. We had a blast. Charleston is a really cool Southern city with a great arts community and night life, and St. Patrick's Day was a fun time to be there.

I've had a lot of fun lately, but I must say, I'm completely beat, and I'm sick of flying. I haven't missed any classes or internship hours, which means that both weekends I've had to fly out of Boston on Friday and have flown back in on Sunday. I have gotten to be a pretty efficient airline traveler though: I can get my shoes and belt off and back on in just a few seconds at the checkpoints, I can accurately predict when the flight attendants will say that we can use electronics, and I'm all too familiar with the current sky mall catalogue.

Fortunately, I haven't fallen behind in any of my classes, mainly because I've used almost all of the time in the air to get work done. In fact, I'm writing this entry during my flight back to boston.

This has been fun, but I'm exhausted, and its time to get back to real life. Once I get home, I'm going to shower, unpack, get a good night's sleep, and then I'm not going to leave Boston for at least a month.