Food for thought: School Psychology is like....

Posted on March 17,2012 by shansenmspp

'Tis the season for admissions interviews, final applications, admissions offers and decisions for school psychology programs. As first-years-to-be wade through this complex process, I am reminded of a conversation I had with other members of my cohort during our trip to Philadelphia for the National Association of School Psychologists convention. We were joking about potential interview questions for graduate students, and began ruminating on some possible topics. One of my classmates mentioned the idea of asking, what is a metaphor for school psychology? Upon my return to Boston, I decided to find out. I asked several professors and classmates for their suggestions, and compiled a list. For your ruminating pleasure:

School psychology is like pruning a bush.

- School Psychology Student

I think the metaphors "all hands on deck" or "it takes a village" are representative of our role as a member of a 'Team' (teachers, OT, Speech, parents, etc.), collaborating on behalf of the child.

-School Psychology Student

The school psychologist is the interface between the student and his/her teachers, family members, and peers; the guardian angel who is an advocate, coach, and mentor.

In the course of discovering and developing strategies that make learning and living better for students, the school psychologist is both scientist and artist, employing both data and intuition.

School Psychology is enlightenment – it provides constructs and methodology to understand and help students in truly meaningful ways

-School Psychology Seminar Instructor

School Psychology is being a scientist without all of the math.

- School Psychology Student

School Psychology is like tending a garden. Or a Swiss army knife.

-School Psychology Professor

I see the role of the school psychologist as the grease or oil in a complicated machine. The oil is necessary for the machine to work at its best and to make things happen in all areas of the machine. This is similar to the role of the school psychologist, helping the school (machine) work smoothly to produce the product (a well educated and emotionally healthy student). The oil/grease functions throughout the machine in all areas, which is like the diverse role of the school psychologist, which provides assessment, treatment, evaluations, consultation; hence, helping all levels of the school to run smoothly and the best possible treatment of the student using psychological principles (our area of expertise).

- School Psychology Seminar Instructor