Through the looking glass

Posted on March 16,2012 by sthurstonmspp

The setup was familiar; groups of tables dotted with green folders, anxious faces with screwed on smiles, and the inevitable variation of outfits that occurs when young, not-quite-professionals dress to impress. Though the laughter was initially forced and the smiles tight, it took less than ten minutes for the cheeks to relax into genuine expression, and voices to return to their natural timbres.
Interview day felt different, now that I am sitting on the other side of the table. While I can acutely remember my own experience last year, I wonder if the applicant pool was as excited and invigorating as this year’s. Introductions was one of the first activities, and in listening to everybody’s story I was impressed by the range of experience and depth of talent that MSPP attracts. I am already curious to see which faces will be joining us in the fall!