Q & A (and chocolate chip cookies) with the President

Posted on March 10,2012 by shansenmspp

I have been known to take on too much. This year is a perfect example of this tendency, as I juggle 5 classes, my 10-hour a week practicum, 2 work-study jobs, and a semi-regular babysitting gig, while still working out occasionally and maintaining friendships and a relationship. So I wasn’t completely surprised to find myself volunteering to be one of the first-year school psychology representatives to the Student Coordinating Committee (SCC) at the beginning of the school year. Of course, the free dinner served at meetings provided a decent incentive.

The SCC takes on a variety of tasks, but in essence functions as the liaison between the MSPP administration and the student body. The SCC provides an avenue for students to further their professional and extracurricular interests, to communicate grievances, and to provide insight on the future of the school.

Last week, the president of MSPP attended the meeting for 45 minutes. He responded to questions and concerns of SCC members in attendance as well as questions from the student body previously emailed in. I have spent almost 7 years enrolled in higher education, and this was the first time I have personally interfaced with the president of the institution I attended. I was duly impressed by the president’s willingness to respond to student concerns and to hear students’ opinions on class size, the lack of female representation among the MSPP administration, the school’s impending move to Newton, and myriad other topics. Although the school psychology department is the smallest at MSPP, and many of our achievements, planning decisions, and issues are dealt with internally, Dr. Covino’s commitment to the program was both reassuring and inspiring. I was impressed to hear from him directly about his belief in the importance of providing school-based mental health services.

Despite my sheer exhaustion at attending SCC meetings after 9 hours of class on marathon Mondays, I am grateful for the opportunity to make my voice (and those of my classmates) heard within the MSPP community. Plus, the chocolate chip cookies at the end were definitely worth it.