Smell the roses, blow out the candles

Posted on March 02,2012 by sthurstonmspp

“Remember to feed the teachers, or else they’ll eat the children!”

I was told this last night by a professor, and while it tickled my funny bone it also resonated. Teachers that are tired, unappreciated, unconnected and who feel incapable of success are teaches who will eat small children (or even a large one). Isn’t the same true for all of us? One bad night’s sleep and the local mechanic is throwing around his tools, the dentist going at your gums with that sharp metal hook in a way that renders your open mouth more akin to a silent scream than a resigned expression.
By 4:00 pm on Mondays, after getting through 6 hours of class and looking at 3 hours more before I can go home, I feel myself running on low. And as much as I do enjoy my classes and my cohort, I get rough around the edges. Thankfully, a certain professor began the year by providing bagels at the witching hour, and is a tradition we have carried on. And, while that feeds the body, the Mindfulness exercises employed by the professor of our 3rd class feeds the mind. Deep, clear breathing and a reawakening of the senses gets my mind rebooted for the home stretch. Phew!