Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted on February 14,2012 by shansenmspp

In the spirit of the day, I thought I'd put out this

Warning to Potential Significant Others:

If you are thinking of dating a first-year school psychology graduate student….

- You will be asked to act like a 10-year old on numerous occasions.

- You will not see your partner/significant other during the following times: mid-terms, finals, the annual NASP conference, before the first year exam, and Sunday nights.

-You will most likely be recruited to take multiple cognitive and visual- motor assessments.

- You will encounter exhaustion and crankiness on Monday nights.

- You will be invited to lots of potlucks and cook-outs. If you are a guy, you will be outnumbered by smart women. Lots of ‘em.

- You will hear too many stories about quirky, funny, difficult, and/or complicated children. You may start to believe you know them, even though you actually don’t.

- You will not be invited to the annual holiday party. It’s not really a party, and it's not really held on a holiday.

- You will start to feel like you, too, deserve a degree in school psychology. Probably you do.

- You may spend Valentine's Day quizzing your partner on vocabulary terms from psychopathology in preparation for a big exam.