Recipe for success!

Posted on February 11,2012 by sthurstonmspp

“I know what a WISC is!”

That’s what he said, and I froze. Oh gosh, has he done this recently? Is this whole test invalid?

“It’s what you use to make dough!”

Ohhhh wow, how great a moment is that! Here we are, plugging our way though a test that is, at times, quite difficult for the seven year old before me. And he is still bright, happy, and finding ways to make me smile.

When I brought him back to the room a little under 2 hours later, his teacher came over to welcome him back with a big I’m-So-Proud-of-You smile. She offered him some fun choices to allow him a moment to relax before jumping back into school work.

And then comes the question, “What did you think?”
It is amazing how much authority testing can give you- everybody wants to know your opinion. In this case, I am happy to say that the teacher really has been in the boy’s corner, and happy to have him in her class. She’s looking to see that I found the same bright, fun boy that she knows and cares for. It can be easy to collaborate with teachers and parents who are mutually invested in this young child’s future. I have very high hopes for the outcome of this assessment.

“You know exactly how he did,” I said, with a smile.