Busy Bee

Posted on February 11,2012 by agareaumspp

Now that I am over a month into my second semester, I have fully settled into the swing of things and I am finding myself quite busy these days. I thought I would give all you prospective students out there a sneak peak into what my schedule is like as a guide to what life is like as a graduate student. So, here is a week in the life of a first year counseling student…

Mondays I am at my practicum at the group home for adolescent boys from 9-3. I attend staff meetings in the morning and then spend time with the boys in the afternoon. As of next week I will be starting my first in-home therapy case for my other practicum site from 3:30-5. I’ve been paired up with one of the clinicians from the trauma clinic and we will be going out together to work with a family and I’m really excited as I anticipate that it will be a great learning experience. Tuesdays I am at the trauma clinic (my second practicum site) from 8-12 where I attend trainings, staff meetings, and supervision. Then I scoot to MSPP for classes from 1-6:20. I have my seminar and my expressive therapies class. Right now in seminar we are doing practice therapy sessions with our classmates which we will be writing a case formulation paper for at the end of the semester that we will be presenting to the class. In my expressive therapies class this week we focused on play therapy and sand tray therapy- which I absolutely love.

Wednesdays and Thursdays I baby-sit from 3-8, and I try to do homework in the mornings. Lastly, Fridays I have class from 9-4: substance abuse and assessment and appraisal. In between all of that I’m writing for the student blog and I TRY to find time to make it to the gym. Whew…all I have to say is thank god for the weekends!