For you ambitious types out there....

Posted on February 05,2012 by shansenmspp

Are you thinking about studying to be a school psychologist? If you’re not sure if this field is for you, there are many ways to find out such as shadowing a school psychologist at work or attending MSPP information sessions about careers in psychology. In the meantime, here are the


10. Get used to carrying around a heavy, 1960s style hard briefcase and promising friends and family that no, you did not just rob a bank or take part in any other shady deal.

9. Stock up on red pencils and pencils without erasers.

8. Practice reflective communication skills. For example, instead of asking your boyfriend, “what’s wrong?,” say, “hmmm….you look mad.” Ignore any weird looks you receive.

7. Write your 30-second stump speech in response to the question, “are you studying to be a guidance counselor?”

6. Develop an appreciation of free food. Campus events, unending candy jars, school picnics, the principal’s baby shower….the possibilities are endless.

5. Start referring to people by their initials instead of their names. Except when they are present, of course.

4. Learn to love board games. Especially any that involve hammering or things falling over like Jenga and Break the Ice.

3. Brush up on your statistics skills. They really do come in handy!

2. Begin keeping a list of acronyms you run into….IEP’s, 504’s, ASB, PDD, ADHD, ED and many others will soon become a part of your everyday lexicon.

1. Remember that today's quirky behavior may become tomorrow's diagnosis...and that yesterday's diagnosis may just turn out to be "normal."