Posted on February 02,2012 by shansenmspp

A couple of weeks ago, our cohort got together for a night of potlucking and board games. We’re mostly game nerds, and there’s usually a round of scrabble, banana-grams, or gin-rummy underway whenever we have some free time (which is admittedly not too often). We decided to play The Game of Things to accommodate our sizeable group of ten people. The first category to come up was, “things you should never forget…” I immediately wrote down “stopwatch,” knowing that this crowd would get the joke. We are learning just how crucial stopwatches are to the profession of school psychology, as they are used for administering assessments, conducting behavioral observations, and giving curriculum-based measure evaluations among other tasks. As a school psychologist, you are nothing without your stopwatch! So, while we all chuckled that you should never forget your date’s name, your homework, or your girlfriend’s birthday, we all know that the most important thing to never forget is your stopwatch. Ready? Begin.