Posted on January 25,2012 by sthurstonmspp

Among the assignments for this semester (and all of those that follow, I presume) I will have to administer a test to a young child at school. I am nervous: though I have worked hard to know the ins and outs and have practiced administering it to friends and family, this will be one of the first times I will be called upon to “be a school psychologist.” This test is one that I will be utilizing quite often. I will be scoring it, and writing up an accompanying report that will be used as one of several items in the decisions related to special education services for this child. nervous Nervous NERVOUS!

In speaking with my supervisor in order to have him “set aside” a child for me to test, he read off names of pending cases- and as luck would have it, one of my favorite children is up for a re evaluation!

Yes, we have favorites. Let’s not kid. While we may like all (most) children, there are those among the throng that make our hearts happy with their smiles.

We agreed upon this case, and I suddenly feel more confident and even a bit excited for this administration. While parts of this job are stressful the children always make it worthwhile.