A Lazy Saturday

Posted on January 21,2012 by sskeenmspp

Four days after my last entry, I’ve pretty much gotten back to regular life. I’ve completed most of the readings that I need to do, and although I still have some assignments looming over my head, but I’m not behind any more than your garden variety grad school procrastinator, so I’m feeling pretty good.

Now that it’s the weekend, I find myself once again trying to balance the three conflicting goals that I always have for my down time: getting work done, resting, and being active. I’m still recovering from the wedding festivities and my first week back in town, and it’s snowing, so I’m not feeling particularly energetic right now. It’s 2:00 and I’m proud to say that I still haven’t changed out of pajamas. Earlier today I did some readings for my directed study in women’s psychosexual development, and now I’m happily watching hockey with my wife from the comfort of our couch.

As a student, I find it challenging to structure my free time. With four classes, a 20-hour a week internship, and two student jobs, I’m usually fairly busy on weekdays. When I reach the weekend, I have work to catch up on, I’m usually a bit sleep deprived, and I haven’t gotten to go out with friends in while. Generally, at least one of these important areas is neglected. I try to cope with this by changing which area is ignored (some weekends there is less work to do, so I can go out more, other times I do little aside sleep, etc). I’ve found that this method is pretty successful. It’s important to be a well-rounded person, and I find that I can better achieve this by being conscious of the focus of my down time.

Here’s a picture of my cat and I enjoying the snow: