Posted on January 18,2012 by shansenmspp

At the end of last semester, our first-year school psychology cohort learned that we would be losing one of our members to a counseling program. We were sad to see her go but we understood and respected her decision. What none of us realized, however, is that we would also be gaining a student – from the MSPP counseling program no less. Our cohort spent a significant amount of time together last semester – 12-15 hours of class per week, informal study sessions, the occasional happy hour or potluck, plus MSPP conferences, lunches, and meetings really add up. We have become quite close during this time, and have settled into a comfortable routine. We know who to turn to when we need a joke, who will remind us about the quiz next week, and who is always up for an impromptu game of banana-grams.

While entering this tight group could be initially overwhelming, our new member recently commented to me how welcome she felt from the beginning. Honestly, I was not too surprised. I admire my classmates for their friendliness, openness, and willing to help each other out. Actually, this is one of my favorite aspects of MSPP. People are just so darn friendly (and contrary to the popular Boston stereotype of being consistenly curmudgeonly). So to Jessica we say, Welcome! ¡Bienvenida! Bem-vinda! Get ready for some serious cohort bonding...