Good Morning!

Posted on January 10,2012 by sthurstonmspp

My mind seemed to be slogging through some hazy funk.

Yesterday was our first day back to the grind after a blissful three weeks off and while I thought I would be able to shake off the accumulated cobwebs with ease, by the halfway mark of my second (out of three) classes, I still felt creaky and slow.

For the past four years my job was Monday through Friday. Period. Holidays, snow days, whatever, I was at work. These past three weeks, especially after a hard semester’s work, allowed me to fully unwind in a way I haven’t since summer breaks during high school.

My shoulder uncramped from lugging around textbooks and notes.
My toes relaxed and avoided my “professional” shoes in favor of fluffy slippers.
And my mind sought quiet delight amongst the pages of a old literary classic.

While somewhere in the deep recesses I was glad to be back at school and enjoying new classes, my brain clearly needed a bit of a stretch to get going. And maybe a few cups of coffee.