Tales from my Study Cave

Posted on December 05,2011 by spitchermspp

What a busy time of year! Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks; but, between Thanksgiving and finals, I have had zero time. Again, this time of year demonstrates how much grad school is a balancing act between all of the hats that we as students wear. Currently, my hats are of a student, a wife, a daughter, sister, employee, trainee, friend, and perhaps a superhero of sorts for myself. Sometimes I catch myself looking at the clock thinking that maybe I can will the clock to add a few more hours to the day so I can get just one more paper done or have a couple of hours to sleep or study. As much as I would like to press the fast forward button on the remote of my life, I am finding little moments here and there where I am truly proud of myself.

This year, I have tried to stretch myself to be a little more social in order to build a support network of friends at school with my classmates. I am so happy to say that I have so many classmates that I can call and ask for help or support from. In the other graduate program that I had attended, it was hard not to feel isolated. This was partly because I switched to an online program (which definitely works for some, but is not a good strategy for me to learn). At MSPP, I find support in my classmates, professors, advisers, and supervisor. I feel so, so blessed to have such a strong academic support net. I am even more blessed to have a great support in my husband and family as well.

If I can give any advice with this blog, I encourage anyone seeking to attend a graduate program to take time and find a healthy support network. To have at least one person on speed dial who you can call at any time, day or night, and vent to, laugh with, or have a good chat with. Graduate school will take a lot from you, as much as you are willing; that's why it is imperative to have people who pour into you what you are needing to give out in your practicum/internship site and in classes. I guarantee you that there is no other more rewarding a feeling in the world.

Happy studying! I'm off to my study cave to finish up this week with some gold stars!

p.s. Happy Holidays!