When Boston Feels Like Austin

Posted on December 02,2011 by shansenmspp

The last week or so has reminded me of being in Austin. Specifically, being in Austin during Christmas. As a New England native, the first winter I spent there was particularly strange; December didn’t feel like December. I could still ride my bike without the threat of frostbite. Snowflakes were few and far between. I didn’t wear anything warmer than a pea coat. And, the outdoor holiday lights were amazing; it’s much easier to put up decorations when the temperature is in the 60’s rather than the 30’s. So, I was taken by surprise that first year, to realize how quickly the holiday season crept up on me, as I was just putting my shorts into storage. Finals were due before I knew it.

This strangely warm December in Boston has me reminiscing about the two years I lived in Texas (and likewise procrastinating on my final papers and projects). As I stroll down Centre Street in a sweatshirt and sneakers, checking out the wreaths and holiday displays, I almost feel like I am back down south. This Sunday will seal the deal, as I am headed to a “Take Back the Sunshine” brunch at the home of a friend I met in Austin. She tells me that the bluegrass will be spinning, the sweet tea will be flowing, and the hash browns will be frying. I can’t wait, and I only hope that this warm streak continues. Turns out that living in warmer climates has made me soft, and I’m not missing the icy sidewalks or subzero temperatures. Guess I don't have to put the cowgirl boots away just yet. Yee haw!