'Tis the Season

Posted on December 01,2011 by jgarciamspp

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and those certain stations that play non-stop Christmas music have been doing so since the middle of November. (How many versions of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" are there?!)

While I do feel that I am being shoved into the holiday season (unprepared) I am not completely devoid of holiday spirit. I spent my Thanksgiving with family (old and new). I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did have to take a 5 hour car ride to get to my desired destination but I found ways to entertain myself. As I was not the driver I was able to do some school work, nap, and play Angry Birds. I have also decided this will be my form of entertainment while traveling to Arizona for Christmas. I know! I know! You think playing Angry Birds doesn't constitute as holiday spirit. But I think it does... if you play Angry Birds: Seasons!!!!

I'm just kidding! I just wanted an excuse to use the picture. I really do have holiday spirit. (I swear!) I am that person who puts antlers and the big red nose on their car the day after Thanksgiving. Although, I am not entirely sure that is a good idea here with all the snow. Hmmm...

On a more serious note, as I mentioned before, I will be traveling back to Arizona for Christmas. I must admit that I am a little nervous. While I love staying up late with my family on Christmas Eve, opening presents in the wee hours of Christmas morning, and eating fried tamales I wonder how much has changed... How much I have changed. I have never been away from my family for so long before and I worry that I will feel foreign to them. I suppose this is something that anyone who moves away from their family must feel. I guess I will find out when it happens. Until then, I have less than two weeks left of school and am definitely looking forward to some time off.