Second Childhood

Posted on November 09,2011 by sthurstonmspp

She sprinkled the blue play doh into the plastic cup. “Sugar!” she announced cheerfully, handing me the “tea”. The kindergartener had bopped between serving me tea and working hard at the plastic tool bench. The purple wrench was her favorite.

Primary Project began yesterday, and I conducted three sessions. Each of the three children were drastically different in their play, from this buzzing kindergartener to the two shyer 1st graders. My legs got cramped and cold from sitting on the floor, and the “child led play” philosophy was completely contrary to my behavioral training instincts.

I had so much fun!

I had forgotten what it was like to play with a child. Not lead, not limit, not be an adult. And while playing house was never my favorite game, building lego towers and mushing play doh was always exciting. Although the design does not permit me to build my own tower (sigh) it really was a fantastic way to play vicariously through the child. Interacting with specific scripts and engaging body movements enhanced my attunement with each child, and it did not matter that my hands were not the ones on the legos.

I sincerely hope these kids had as much fun as I did! By the way, where were these circus legos when I was a kid?