The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on November 04,2011 by spitchermspp

Recently, I have begun my journey towards living a more healthy lifestyle. I have been eating whole grains, a ton of fiber, veggies and fruits, and proteins. Learning how to eat right was definitely not on my mind when I was getting ready for school, but let me tell you why living healthy while you're in school is so important.

I have been known to smoke, have the occasional drink, and am most notorious for grabbing things to eat on the go and on the cheap. Being in grad school is hard work! You're constantly busy with classes, practicum, homework, friends, and family. It can be hard to think about adding time in to prepare a good meal for yourself. However, let me tell you how this past week has been with my new healthy eating choices.

By taking the time to make eggs and whole wheat toast for breakfast, packing snacks and a filling lunch that includes protein, veggies, and carbs for my school day or practicum site, and then coming home at night to grill some chicken with mixed vegetables, I have had so much energy! I focus better in class and feel more confident in my homework. Including water has taken the place of most caffeinated beverages. I can also attest to the fact that my move and disposition has improved greatly. I feel more optimistic and cheery! I also feel like I have more time to do household tasks like laundry or dusting. I know that time hasn't been added to my day, but the energy do things on my to do list after a long day is amazing! I encourage everyone to try this and see how they feel at the end of just one week, even just one day. Cut the cigarettes and alcoholic drinks and feel even better! If you include a walk for 30 minutes too, you'll feel like a superstar! I look forward to hearing any other success stories by making this change!