October Activities in the Boston Area

Posted on October 28,2011 by spitchermspp

This month has been so busy! Between midterms, papers, classes, practicum, and maintaining some sort of social life, my life has been anything but a breeze. For self-care though, I participated in two amazing October events: King Richard's Faire in the beginning of the month and historic Salem, MA last weekend!

The leaves are changing and bright colors are everywhere, and King Richard's Faire is an amazing way to see all of the amazing foliage! Drive about two hours outside of town (I know! It sounds long but is so worth it!!) and you'll be time warped into medieval times. While King Richard's Faire is pretty pricey with a $27 cost to even get in the door, it is beyond worth it. Dressed up knights, maidens, kings, and everyone else remotely medieval has come to provide you with a day you shan't ever forget! You'll experience the amazing shops where they sell things from hand-made leather journal with genuine parchment to crowns and circlets to real, metal swords! Not to mention huge turkey legs, honey mead, and jousting. This is a great way to spend a weekend day! Also to note, this site is not reachable by public transportation. So find a friend with a car and make a day of it! You won't regret it!

Salem caters to one's spooky side. The town is adorned with Halloween decorations, carnival rides, food stands, haunted houses, grave yard tours, and other ghostly events. Salem is most known for their infamous witch trials. Everyone can find something to love about the events going on heading toward All Hallow's Eve. To appease your nerdy side, I recommend the variety of plays about the trials and also the monuments that are everywhere. For your mystical side, there are psychics, tarot readers, and witchcraft stores galore! And if you just want to be plain scared, there are plenty of haunted houses and other methods to spook you! I recommend Salem as an afternoon trip. It is very pricey with most of the haunted houses and other events costing $8, which sounds cheap but adds up quick! Salem is reachable by public transportation. I think my favorite part of going to Salem was riding the commuter rail for the first time (truly a fun experience)!

Whether you prefer knights or witches, Boston has a ton of activities to keep your brain fresh and focused for the week's learning activities![gallery]