Weekend classes!

Posted on October 17,2011 by mmosesmspp

Whew - I just finished the Psychopharmacology class. It was an intensive learning experience; the class met one Saturday and then two full weekends...from ~8:30-4. The instructor was engaging, sharing clinical experiences and funny anecdotes to keep the class entertained. While the time commitment was significant, especially for those of us who try to write papers on the weekend, it is extremely nice to be done with a course mid-October. Now I have one less class to focus on as the semester gets busier and final papers will be due before I know it.

MSPP offers a few weekend classes. This is a helpful option as scheduling courses can be a challenge. Many of us have lengthy commutes to and from field placements, some sites have little flexibility as to the days/hours when a student's attendance is required, and several students have other obligations: children, family, other jobs, etc.

In general, one of the best things about being in my third year at MSPP is the freedom to pick and choose classes of interest to me. Due to APA requirements, the first two years of the PsyD program is fairly prescribed (except summer classes). This year, the bulk of my courses are electives; psychopharmacology is a good one to choose. Have a great week!