National Coming Out Day

Posted on October 11,2011 by jgarciamspp

Although I had wondered what I might post in my blog about National Coming Out Day (in support of the LGBT community) I was relieved to find that the work had already been done for me. Dr. Jessica Stahl, a faculty member at MSPP and a co-chair of the school's GSA, was published in today's edition of the WestRoxburyPatch. Her article offers resources on coming out, what to say if someone comes out to you and more.

In addition to the article, MSPP threw a little "Coming Out" party this afternoon. Below is the lovely cake we consumed as a celebratory expression of those who have made the choice to be honest not only with themselves but to those around them as well.

Soon to come: an It Gets Better video. I can't wait to get started on this project. I have full faith that it will be absolutely epic.


Whether you are a member of the LGBT community or one of our awesome supporters I wish you all a HAPPY NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY!