Posted on October 11,2011 by sthurstonmspp

My best friend is getting married this weekend.

And, as I attempted to write my speech, I looked through all of the photos we had taken over our four years at college, remembering and reminiscing about all the things we had done.

It then struck me that while I remember all of the wild nights and sun soaked days, it was increasingly difficult to remember professors, classwork, and the things I had learned.

I have a sneaking suspicion that grad school will be different. Not just because Thirsty Thursdays are a thing of the distant past, but because our professors have an uncanny ability to relate the material to the profession.

There have been many stories about children in their own districts, real life examples that epitomize the lesson and make a reference crystal clear. Or stories about “back when I first started” that illustrate how the profession has evolved over the years. Do you remember your favorite professors from college? Teachers from high school? I have all five of them for my classes this year. And yes, class isn’t always my favorite place to be, but I can say at the end of each one that I learned something, and that I learned it in a way that I will be able to remember the next time I take a trip down memory lane.