A Novel Idea

Posted on October 11,2011 by mmosesmspp

I was one of the lucky people who just ended a long weekend. The weather was gorgeous, I was able to make fun plans, and (gasp!) I even read a novel! I've made it a priority this year to allow myself to take a break from reading psychology-related texts. More importantly, I'm really trying not to feel guilty about the decision - to feel like I should be doing something school-related because there is always something to do that is school-related. While the articles that are assigned for classes are useful and interesting, I find that I can't focus on them after a long day of internship, class, or both. Most nights, I get home later than 7:30. I catch up with my husband, eat dinner, and then head to bed with a book or The New Yorker. I'm always looking for recommendations - feel free to pass them along!