Indian Summers

Posted on October 09,2011 by spitchermspp

Today was a gorgeous, warm day! Especially in comparison to how rainy it has been the past few days. There seems to be a peaceful feel to today. As this semester continues, papers and other assignments are starting to pile up. It can get really easy to trap one's self inside to focus on reading, papers, and studying for midterms. Something that seems to help me stay connected to the outside world while still doing my schoolwork is reading outside. I'm very lucky to live in a house with a beautiful porch that allows me to soak in some lovely sun while also soaking in some knowledge.

I've really been enjoying my readings from my Diversity and Difference class. In addition to the Sue and Sue text, we're reading a book that contains essays on various topics of diversity that I am finding to be very interesting. I come from a pretty small community back in Idaho. Not only was my town much smaller than Boston, it had none of the diversity that I see on a day to day basis here. I remember once in high school I got the opportunity to travel with some classmates to Washington, D.C. for a government class. I was surprised when one of my classmates made the comment to me while we were walking around that he had never seen an African American person before. I felt so blessed in that moment to have family in Southern California so that I was made aware of the diversity that makes up America. Now that I am reading this book though, I feel like how my classmate had probably felt while walking around Washington, D.C. I realized that there are so many different individuals out in the world that I have yet to experience and understand. I feel so blessed to be reading this book while I am still attempting to adjust to East Coast life. It provides me with a new lens to view the people I share this beautiful town in.