Brownies and the Brain

Posted on September 25,2011 by shansenmspp

Last Wednesday, we studied the brain in our Lifespan Development course. This meant squinting at pictures of neurons to locate the axons and dendrites, and coming to understand that we should conceive of the brain as a series of pathways rather than specific sections. Mmmh…. All this brain talk made me hungry. Luckily our esteemed program director stopped in during the break to encourage us to attend the prospective students open house that evening. The promise of food at the event was enough for me. As far I can tell, MSPP excels at two principal activities: preparing excellent practitioners in the field of psychology and offering delicious and plentiful food at campus events.

After class, two of my fellow first-years and I made our way to the main MSPP campus building at 221 Rivermoor. We convened in a conference room with four prospective students, the program director, and several faculty members. Suddenly, the tables had turned. We as the first year class have spent the past several weeks learning our way around MSPP, meeting the faculty and staff, getting lost in the hallways, trying to figure out how to have a social life in between homework, classes, and practicum, and asking lots of questions. Now we were in the position to be sharing our knowledge and answering questions, if only for a night. I found myself talking animatedly about the school where I’m working and people I’ve met at MSPP. It was astounding and gratifying to discover how much I have learned in the past month since orientation began– and to be able to share that with potential future MSPPer’s. This was a wonderful realization after spending three intense hours analyzing the brain. The brownies were darn good, too.