Posted on September 23,2011 by spitchermspp

When I first heard about teachers emphasizing the importance of self-care, I kind of laughed. I've heard so many horror stories of grad school and how much it consumes your life; so, the idea of taking time out of that menagerie of a schedule for myself seemed impossible. The past couple of weeks has started to get a little intense with papers starting to be due and starting my practicum just last week.

So, how do I practice my self-care? How do I take time to focus on me? I do a little bit of retail therapy and zone out on the television. I know it's not the most productive or athletic thing to do, but it has helped me so much. I have found my favorite spot to be Sephora at the Galleria Mall. It's accessible by the green line, which is nice since I don't have a car. But, I love going inside that store and smelling the perfumes, trying on crazy colors, and finding awesome deals. The people that work there are fun too and love to talk to customers.

This being said, I'm not advocating that you should shop at Sephora or participate in shopping for self-care. What I am trying to say is that EVERYONE needs some form of self-care. Whether you like running, painting, listening to music, playing an instrument, scrapbooking, whatever floats your duck, be aware of that! You'll certainly need it to balance the tug of war between classes, practicum, work, family, friends, and everything else in life. You can do anything you set your mind to, as long as your mind has been taken care of.