Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays!

Posted on September 21,2011 by sthurstonmspp

Dookershat. Best word ever. Apparently, the developers of a certain test believe that the ability to repeat back nonsense words can reflect on your intellectual abilities. At 6:59pm, however, I think the ability to maintain a straight face and say “Dookershat” reflects a very different skill.

My cohort always has a case of the Mondays... and it’s not even that we did not receive a piece of cake, its that the cake didn’t even make it to the party. The cake is off somewhere having a wonderful time with the red Swing line stapler while we all sit through 9 hours of class. 9 hours.

We begin our day strong at 9 am with Statistics- and a godsend of a professor who realizes the finite nature of brain space. Learn the formula, know what it means, and know how to use it... then let Excel do the work. Beautiful.

Quick break, eat some lunch in the lounge, then into Field Placement- and just when everyone is packing up SURPRISE! We have a quick orientation that extends our class for another 20 minutes. Our professors have, of course, arranged for a break between this and our next (final) class during which a couple of us head outside to catch a few of the last day’s rays.

And while at first we are able to focus on Instructional Assessment and certainly on the bagels that are furnished by our professor, by the time 6:50 signals the end of class the stupor we have found ourselves in at the end of this long day has the feel of thinking through syrup- and fantasizing about dragging the DIBELS that has consumed the last hour of our day out to a field with a baseball bat while Geto Boys plays in the background.

Until that fateful Dookershat.

Just say it.
Out loud.

If you aren’t laughing, you truly need your funny bone x-rayed. When Dookershat appeared as at test item and found us all at 6:59 on Monday night, it snuck up and tickled us helpless. With tears in our eyes we all guffawed together and realized that the case of the Mondays we were all suffering through did not have us totally beat. Thank goodness for Dookershat, thank goodness for each other! And with that, we bid a hearty goodbye to our case of the Mondays!