Finding Time to Down Dog

Posted on September 20,2011 by shansenmspp

Up dog…down dog….I wonder how we’ll discuss cultural diversity within school systems….Half pigeon….what exactly does the hippocampus do?....Cat and Cow...Warrior I….will I have enough time to finish my paper on low-incidence disabilities? Sun salutation….Camel….Down dog!

With all of the demands of graduate school, my field placement work, and my work-study jobs, it’s a struggle for to find time for yoga. And in fact, in a recent yoga class, I found my mind wandering back to school questions, even as I recognized the need for mental health breaks from life as a graduate student. During orientation, MSPP emphasized the importance of self-care for mental health providers – ironically, those who are trained to help others improve their emotional and social wellbeing are often likely to not take care of themselves in the same way. Some days I just manage to wade through the numerous emails in my MSPP inbox, finish class readings, complete assignments that are due, and make it to my field practicum on time. Other days I am more able to find a sliver of time for myself, and go for walks, practice yoga, or even occasionally put down my assessment articles in favor of a novel. Despite my increasingly hectic schedule, I find that this is time well spent. Down dog!