MA Sports

Posted on September 10,2011 by jgarciamspp

My schedule is certainly starting to pick up. However, between homework, practicum training, blogging, and now a job I've decided to take a little break and try to take a stab at getting a real feel for MA. Tonight I was at a Revolution (soccer) game. The Revolution beat FC Dallas, 2 - 0.

NOTE: To those of you who may be prospective, out-of-state students I want to give you a little insight into the culture of sports in Massachusetts. Since I arrived in MA I've noticed an interesting phenomenon. While in Arizona you will notice fans (of any sport) supporting a number of different, non-local teams but in Massachusetts you better be a fan of the home team (Boston Bruins, NE Revolution, NE Patriots, Boston Celtics, and the Boston Red Sox)! I also learned that there is no such thing as a Yankee fan in Boston. Needless to say I conveniently "forget" to tell my new Boston friends that my family here is originally from New York... and huge Yankee fans.

Of course I found it difficult to tear myself away from school even during the soccer game. I actually did some school work in the stadium... Only during halftime and while the "injured" players were dramatically rolling around on the field - but seem magically cured when threatened to be transported off the field on a stretcher - of course! As a former soccer player I can honestly say that while they do not give us formal theatrical training during practice we seem to pick it up somewhere. :-)

Tomorrow I will be playing catch up but I certainly need this "mental health" day. It was definitely worth it. A good example of practicing self-care, right Professors?

Now I must sleep. Sleep is good.