Hussle Bussle

Posted on September 07,2011 by spitchermspp

My word. Boston is quite the busy city, and not to mention all of the rain! Living next to the coast doesn't help either, but I've never had so much rain before. Idaho is pretty dry in comparison to this.

This has been such a time of change. I don't have a car here, so I'm completely at the mercy of public transportation, which is such an experience as it is. I was so proud of myself the first day of classes when I got from the house to school all on my own. I am starting to get used to walking, walking, walking. I actually feel a lot more refreshed and healthy since I've started all of this walking.

Now, on to classes. After my last graduate school experience, I was shocked at how kind and helpful EVERYONE is at MSPP. My professors are really understanding of the fact that we all have a lot going on, between classes, homework, practicum, and practicing self care. And how well they emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself! I feel so capable of succeeding in this program and I am so excited to start my practicum and what the continuation of this program will mean for me as a person, my education, and my future career.