A First Year’s First Feelings…

Posted on September 08,2011 by sthurstonmspp

Here we go again… new school, new faces, how hard will this be? How much homework
will I get (by which I mean I really want to know if I still have time to watch
Castle!)? When college rolled around I felt so ready to jump in feet first, was
so excited to live away from home and to leave my little hometown in favor of
the experiences John Hughes would write movies about. Four years in college (of
which Adam Leff and Zak Penn did write about !) and four years out in the world
of work, and I find myself more reserved about this new thing awaiting me- even
my health insurance company refers to this as a “major life event”!

Having moved back to that little hometown, gotten a dog, a fiancé, and a job I have
remained passionate about for four years running I am returning to academics
because I need to know more. I have been working with children with emotional
and behavioral disorders in a last stand setting, seen the trauma take its
toll, and oftentimes wondered how these children spiraled so far out of
control. If I want to continue my work with children in this field I need the
appropriate education and training to make a greater difference in their lives.

So, while I know graduate school will be a lot of hard work –even more so than my
40 hour work week- and am acutely aware of the dire straights my finances will
be in, I feel confident, relieved, and excited to graduate from my job and
begin my first year!