Week 4 Volunteer Work

Posted on August 22,2011 by latinomentalhealth


As part of week four our group volunteered at various sites, including two elementary schools. While working in one of the elementary schools, Rachel, Aly and I were able to speak with five mothers one morning. These mothers expressed concern regarding their children’s behaviors and treatment from other students in school. During this particular week we were working in an area where a large amount of poverty existed and financial stability was a major concern for both children and families. Therefore, the mothers also discussed fears about their family’s financial constraints and the possible effect this would have on their children. As time progressed in the meeting it was amazing to see the power of a group and the support that the women were offering to one another. All of the mothers shared similar worries and were able to express and process their feelings. At the end of the meeting, one mother who was struggling to communicate with a teacher gained the confidence to have a meeting with the director of the school regarding her child. After the meeting, the psychologist who was on site with our group followed-up with this particular mother and organized a meeting with the director.

The mothers, along with the facilitation of our small group were able to process the meeting and understand how one another could be used as a support network. Although it was challenging to hear each mother’s concerns, the meeting had ended on a positive note. It was remarkable to see a support network being created at that present moment. Our hope is that even though the fears and concerns still exist, the mother’s will continue to support one another in the future. We are so thankful for having this experience at the school and are looking forward to Week five.

Hasta Luego,