Half Way Point

Posted on August 04,2011 by latinomentalhealth

So yesterday marked the half way point of the trip. For me time has flown by due to the fact that I always have something to do. I am only taking 2 classes a week to improve my understanding of spanish grammar and accents. My Wednesdays are jam packed with seeing clients referred by centers in the town. I have experience working with kids and so 8 of my 10 clients are children or adolescents. Thursdays I see a few more clients and hold chats at a local school. Fridays tend to stay short with just class and then the afternoon off to go away or just relax. So far we have gone to Monteverde and Puerto Viejo. I had an amazing time at both places and would most definitely recommend visiting these sites. Puerto Viejo was perfect to just have a whole weekend of relaxation and peace.