Cuenca, Ecuador

Posted on August 01,2011 by latinomentalhealth

It was freezing in Cuenca! We traveled with the Lucero Family and the Bermans for
a weekend visit to the mountainous town of Cuenca, Ecuador and did not expect
it to be so cold. At night the temperature dropped to 45/50 degrees Fahrenheit thus
we were COLD. In Guayaquil (which is located on the coast of Ecuador) the
temperatures remains around 70/80 degrees Fahrenheit day and night so the difference in weather was difficult for us.

We stayed at a quaint inn called “Green Spot” that is owned by a local family. The
Green Spot is located next to a river and it was relaxing to hear the running
water each day. The family was very welcoming and offered breakfast each
morning. On our first evening in Cuenca we had the chance to experience a typical
dinner. The dinner included: Habas (similar to green beans), tamales, choclo
(corn), potato-cheese soup, homemade cheese, and a variety of meat prepared “a
la plancha” (pan fried). For desert we had “giant” figs. Just kidding, they
were regular sized figs in a licorice-tasting sauce. At the end of the dinner
we were all very happy satisfied with the plentiful food and enjoyable company.
We went to bed afterwards looking forward to a great day in Cuenca. On Saturday
we took the time to get acquainted with the city and spent the day looking at
various historical sites as well as taking the time to shop at local markets.
In the afternoon, we were sad to see the Bermans go, as they would make their
way back to Guayaquil and eventually back home to Boston, MA. It was wonderful
to see familiar faces and we are very thankful for the time we shared with them
in Ecuador.

On Sunday, we were fortunate to have been able to take a private tour to
Ingapirca. Ingapirca hold the ruins left by Incan and Cañarí civilizations. The ruins were an incredible site to see, as it has been very well preserved by the Ecuadorian
government. We had a wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide named Eduardo who
provided us with unique information about the ruins. One fun fact that we
learned was that the Cañarí used an ingenious way to look at the constellations through a massive boulder. The boulder had carved indentations that held pools of water in order to see the reflection of the moon. At the end of the day we also stopped in a market where
fresh fruits and vegetables were sold.

It was an amazing weekend filled with cultural experiences and welcoming
hospitality from the people of Cuenca and also the Luceros who took the time to
travel with us for the weekend. We can’t thank them enough for their generosity
in Ecuador it has been great to spend so much time with them!

Signing off for Week 2 in Ecuador: Lisa and Wendy