Week 1

Posted on July 24,2011 by latinomentalhealth

Surviving in Costa Rica so far. We arrived last Saturday and my host family had a lot of their extended family over for the entire weekend. The first couple of days were overwhelming and intimidating, but I am adjusting to the family, cold showers, and meals consisting of little more than rice and vegetables. Morning Spanish classes are very helpful - going over a lot of vocab and grammar that I have forgotten over the years. Afternoon class is more challenging because it is more of a conversation group. The school sets up other classes for us in the afternoon. Took cooking and dancing classes this week. They also took us on a tour of San Jose one afternoon. It was good to get out of the tiny town of Guacima for a few hours. This weekend a few of us traveled to Monteverde, where we went zip lining, took a buggy tour, a night walk, and hiked through the cloud rainforest. Lots of good memories so far.