Posted on May 18,2011 by sburnsmspp

It is sad to say that this is my final blog, as I have completed all of classes, turned in my Capstone paper, and will be graduating with my Master’s in Counseling Psychology on June 5th! Tomorrow is my last day at internship, so I’ve been busy all week saying goodbye to my clients and co-workers. I co-lead a women’s substance use group and they were so thoughtful in our group last night—everyone signed a card and the members brought me cupcakes and a plant (the plant is a pink polka dot plant and literally is pink…couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate plant for myself)!

On my last day of class on Monday my seminar professor took us to get pizza, which was fun and great to sit and socialize with my classmates outside of the classroom! That night our program organized a catered dinner for everyone in the M.A. Counseling and M.A. Forensic programs. It felt so nice to see everyone in one room and to say goodbye to all of my wonderful professors! I was completely shocked when the director of my program announced that they were starting an annual award to honor a student that demonstrated leadership in the program and they chose me. Everyone applauded for me and I was given a beautiful plaque that I can hang up in my future office. It was such an honor and I felt appreciated for all of the hard work I put in to participating in volunteer opportunities at school and representing my classmates as their class representative. What a great way to end my experience at MSPP! Here are some pictures of the dinner:

1st year practicum class with our professor!

I will leave my blogging position emphasizing yet again what an amazing organization MSPP is—nowhere else can you find the small community feel, the individualized attention, the close relationships with professors, classmates, and supervisors, and the opportunity to get involved extracurricularly both with the school and in the community. MSPP truly is a special place that I will miss!

Who knows, maybe you will be filling my shoes as the blogger in the years to come...!