Odds, Ends & Beginnings

Posted on May 17,2011 by jennymspp

First, I want to say thank you for reading my blog! It has been a "crazy" year. I tried to sum up what this past semester has been like for me and this is what came out. So enjoy, and so long!

"Tsunami/Sail On"

I noticed the waves were rougher this season, but I had no idea. When I saw one of our men abandon ship, I was shocked. I mourned his loss. It was months later before I found out he was okay; He was a skilled swimmer who made his way to another boat. Meanwhile, our boat rocked and bumped along. Halfway between ports, the boat sprung a leak: It was sink or swim. I was a strong swimmer, but it was all I could do to keep my own head above water. I heard screams from the water and looked up to see a giant tidal wave looming overhead. I noticed some of the crew had managed to swim ahead of the wave, avoiding its wrath. Others were caught in its midst. I wish I could say we worked as a team to survive, but we did not. It was every person for themself. The flaws of every person came to the surface in this time of grave peril. Boom! The wave crashed down, knocking my breath out. I was pushed way down by the vast weight of the water. I fought and kicked, but in the darkness I didn't know which way was up. I was about to succumb to the murky waters when my head struck a buoy. I used it to pull myself up and emerged at the surface. I gasped for air, thankful to be alive. But all too soon, the realization hit: How do I clean up the mess?

Now weeks later, I survey the wreckage, picking up odds and ends that were washed astray, and in a small boat I spot a mother with a healthy newborn baby so blond that he looks bald and so prepared for life that he already has a tooth. I smile at this symbol of promise. And sail on.