Wrapping Up The Year With Some Big Changes!

Posted on May 11,2011 by sburnsmspp

I feel as though these past two weeks have been a whirlwind of changes, and it has both exhausted and excited me! In terms of school, I have just one day of classes left before graduation. My professor even offered to take us all out for pizza during lunch (those kinds of things don’t happen at a larger institution) and our program director organized a class dinner! My Capstone paper is due on Monday May 16th, so I’m in my final stages of editing and putting my reference page together. I finished my first draft over a month ago, and I submitted it to my professor in advance to get feedback, so now the changes I have to make are fairly small. The rest of my classmates presented their Capstone projects in class these past few weeks, and just two more get to share next week. I’ve enjoyed listening to my peers present because they chose topics very different than mine, so it has been both interesting and educational to learn about different issues, diagnoses, populations, and therapies.

In terms of my internship, I’ve been feeling stressed about terminating with my clients and ending our working relationships. I only have one week left at my site, so I’ve begun the termination process, however I am expecting that some clients are still struggling with the idea that I’m leaving. We spent one whole class in my Internship Seminar discussing termination and processing what it feels like to both terminate with our clients and with our classmates who will all be graduating. I had a fun idea to organize a peer supervision group after graduation for anyone in my class who wants to get together monthly to help with challenging clients—plus, it’s a great way to keep in touch!

In terms of a future job, I officially accepted an offer yesterday! I spent the past few weeks interviewing at a few agencies and had a difficult time making up my mind. I ended up choosing my position because it offers weekly supervision, which I need for licensure, it has a monthly staff meeting with training, and a monthly peer supervision group for new clinicians. Since it is outpatient work, it starts fee for service but switches to salary/benefits once I secure a bigger caseload, which is rare for outpatient work so I was excited about that potential. It also sounds like the clinicians are very supportive and willing to assist new clinicians. Lastly, some clinicians have been there over 20 years, which is always a good sign when I’ve been told that some agencies have fairly high turnover or burn out rate! I’m definitely looking forward to starting work, however I’m also feeling sad about leaving my identity as a graduate student because I don’t know if I will ever be a student again…it’s thrilling yet scary that I don’t know what the future has in store for me!