En Route Masters for Clinical PsyD Program

Posted on May 01,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It’s almost the end of my second year here at MSPP and I’m looking forward to the end of the semester. Not only will classes be done soon (2 weeks!!), but I’ll also be getting my Masters! This will be a nice reward for the work I’ve done so far and motivation to continue on. Though the past two years have been tough at times, this will make it seem all worthwhile.

Though I am in the Clinical PsyD program, students have the option of getting an En Route Masters degree. This degree can be obtained after the second year if the student has taken the required classes. The internship readiness committee also must grant students approval to get this degree. This approval shows that students are ready to enter the internship level of training.

Students must have 46 credit hours of required courses to obtain their En Route Masters. The Requirements are as follows:

Year One:

Lifespan Development (LS 600, 3cr)

Psychological Assessment I (PA 501, 2cr)

History and Systems (PS 600, 2cr)

Social Bases of Behavior (PS 603, 3cr)

Statistics (RS 523, 3cr)

Clinical Seminar I (CS 600, two terms, 4cr)

Field Placement: Practicum I (FP 600, two terms, 8cr)

Year two:

Research (RS 525, 2cr)

Research (RS 525 S, 2cr)

Introduction to Family Therapy (FX 515, 2cr)

Learning Theory (BX 500, 2cr)

Humanistic Psychological Theories (HU 520, 2cr)

Introduction to Psychodynamic Theory (PT 700, 2cr)

Additional Course Requirements during years 1 and 2:

Cross Cultural Psychology (CS 522, 3cr)

Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (PY 521, 3cr)

Adult Psychopathology (PY 522 3cr) 
(9 credits)

Even though this may seem like your time will be consumed by these required courses, the truth is there’s still plenty of opportunities to take electives, or get a head start on courses required in years three or four. For instance, I took Psych Assessment II, Psychology of Divorce, and Projective Methods, among others. Also, during your second year, you are completing your 2nd year of Practicum training where you are go to your field-training site 20 hours/week. Somehow it all gets done and I know most of my fellow 2nd year classmates will have their Masters this summer. It’s nice to know that in a matter of weeks we’ll all be able to put an M.A. after our names! Next stop, PsyD!