Quest Project for my Humanistic Theory Class

Posted on April 23,2011 by kmorvillomspp

I’ve been working on my finals for the past week or so now and it’s been really stressful. There’s one final, however, that I’ve been working on this entire semester and I’m just putting the finishing touches on now. This is my Quest Project for my Humanistic Theory Class. My Professor, Dr. Hilary Bender, asks his students to do one thing during the semester that they’ve always wanted to do and that will foster some sort of personal growth. People do things like take art classes, write poetry, or even go to the theater. For me, I chose to work on my music and try to put together enough songs for an album.

I was a little ambitious during the beginning of the semester and thought I could perhaps get 6-8 songs done. As the semester progressed and my time became consumed with my practicum, classes, and homework, I decided to work on just a few songs. I wrote lyrics, music, and practiced a lot. I had a bit of trouble creating a bridge for a song or two, so I asked a family friend for help. He was happy to listen to my music and give me some pointers. We eventually finished three songs and recorded them- it was a lot of fun!

Now that I’m done with my music, I have to make a short presentation and write a paper on my experience. I’m really looking forward to this paper/presentation because it doesn’t involve any research or references! I just have to talk about the process of creating the music and what I learned. Also, if I am brave enough, I might allow my classmates to listen to one of the songs. Overall, I think the Quest has been one of my favorite assignments since I started at MSPP. It was a nice break from the regular papers and readings we’re usually assigned. For once, I must say, it was a joy to be doing homework!