Millennium Park

Posted on April 23,2011 by hhaddadmspp

Last time in my blog, I wrote about how great the location of MSPP is. Since then, spring has sprung, and I have been able to experience some more of the local greatness of West Roxbury. In particular, I am thinking of Millennium Park. During the dreary winter months, it is a natural decision to remain indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to venture outside. However, now that it is warming up, I have joined one of my friends on weekly walks during our break from classes.

Now every Thursday, instead of spending the day cooped up inside studying, we make an effort to take to five minute walk over to Millennium Park. A quick walk up the road from MSPP provides us with a wonderful oasis. We enjoy the fresh (usually sunny and warm) air and being outdoors. Sometimes, people even let us play with their dogs (this is an extra special treat!). Our weekly walk last 20 to 30 minutes before we have to get back for our next class, but these 20 minutes of enjoying the beautiful scenery at Millennium Park has proven to be priceless.

By allowing ourselves to take a break, we have had an easier time remaining focused for the rest of the day- key on Thursdays as we are both at MSPP all day. This 20 minute break (self-care!) is what has made the end of my semester slightly less stressful than last semester, and I am thankful to have an opportunity for self-care so close to MSPP. I am not sure if MSPP purposefully picked their location knowing it was so close to Millennium Park, or if this was a lucky accident, but either way all MSPP students are fortunate to be so close to such a wonderful park!