Making a Decision: Location, location, location!

Posted on April 13,2011 by hhaddadmspp

The deadline to make the graduate school decision is fast approaching, and many of you may still be making this important decision. In light of this, I have been asking some of my friends about their decision to come to MSPP. After talking to a couple of other first years, I have found out that many of my friends chose MSPP because of its location! Yes, much like real estate, apparently a key component to making a graduate school decision is: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION…

MSPP is located conveniently in West Roxbury, a suburb of Boston. When I was considering committing to a four-year program, the location was important. And knowing that I would be able to spend the next four years in Boston was a delight. Indeed, many of my friends mirrored this perspective. Like me, my friends from the area (Massachusetts, in general) noted that they enjoyed being able to live close to home at this time in their life. For my friends from out of town, MSPP has the draw of a big city.

Yes, Boston is a big, thriving city! There is so much to do, right at your fingertips when living within driving distance of MSPP. There are numerous museums, shopping centers, and delicious restaurants. There is a diverse population, and a city atmosphere. Here is a quick snapshot of some of my favorite things in Boston:

  • The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston- This is a great art museum that was once a house. Isabella, the owner of the house and former art collector, had her home converted into a museum after her death. She required that the house be kept in the same condition that it was in when she died, and you really get a glimpse into the life of Boston aristocracy from another time. Also, there is a beautiful garden there.
  • The Trident Booksellers and Café on Newbury Street in Boston- This is a great brunch spot in the city. It is half bookstore and half café, and the lunch and brunch there is delicious and affordable. It’s a unique idea, and a fun place to eat. Have you ever been to a bookstore/café before?

Also, for anyone from NYC, Pinkberry did just open here, so you can get a taste of the city right here in Boston.

Beyond all these fun things, another draw of Boston is the academic atmosphere of this city. As there are so many universities in the area, anywhere you go in Boston you are likely to meet another student or come across a great library or place to study. Additionally, because of the academic atmosphere in this city, there are many great practicum, internship, and learning opportunities all around Boston. Overall, being in the Boston area is definitely a big benefit of coming to MSPP. There are so many great opportunities right at your fingertips both at MSPP and in Boston, in general.