Capstone Presentation

Posted on April 12,2011 by sburnsmspp

I am feeling so extraordinarily relieved right now! I had my Capstone presentation yesterday in front of my class and the director of the M.A. Counseling program and it went better than I could have imaged!!!

I was really worried that I had too much information to cover in the 1 hour time period, plus I developed an in-class activity that I could not anticipate how much time it would take up, in addition to showing a few video clips, but I got through it all without rushing and I was able to take questions at the end and have some good discussions. I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

The basic outline of my Capstone presentation, which was about infidelity and specifically gender differences and treatment approaches, was to open with a video clip of Tiger Woods and a clip of President Clinton because they are very public cases of infidelity that I knew my classmates had heard of. I hoped this grabbed their attention! Then I asked some questions about infidelity to involve the audience and compared their responses to different statistics I had on prevalence rates about infidelity. Next I reviewed a specific definition for infidelity, discussed the different types (i.e., sexual, emotional, & online infidelity) and then reviewed different types of affairs (Clinician & author Emily Brown published literature about Intimacy Avoidance, Conflict Avoidance, Sexual Addiction, Split Self, and Exit affairs if you’re interested in reading/learning about them). I created a handout with difference case vignettes and asked my classmates to identify which type of infidelity was described in each case to make sure they understood the content of my presentation. The rest of my presentation focused on gender differences and infidelity-specific treatment approaches. For some quick tips, check out this video: How to Heal Your Relationship after Your Partner Cheats

A second student also presented yesterday. His presentation was on how trauma affects students at school. For everyone’s presentations we have to fill out an evaluation and write comments. I tried to provide helpful constructive criticism, but also highlight areas in which he thrived. I’m looking forward to receiving the evaluations that my classmates filled out about me because I think the information will be useful to create strong presentations in the future!

As of now, I have completed an entire rough draft of my Capstone paper—it’s 75 pages, so all I have left to do is edit it. I just need to stay motivated for a few more weeks and I will be done with my classes on May 16th!