MSPP professors are...understanding and flexible!

Posted on April 05,2011 by hhaddadmspp

I have been very happy to be at MSPP this past year, and every day I am reminded of why I picked the right school for me.

This week, I have been pleased by the flexibility of the professors at MSPP. There were two instances this week that reminded me of the flexibility and adaptability of my professors.

First, in my statistics course (a requirement of all PsyD students) we had a midterm last week. The professor, understanding that most of us are not mathematically minded, allowed anyone who did not do well to make up the exam. I was so surprised at this opportunity! How many grad schools have you heard of that allow students to retake exams?! I know for sure my MA program (at a large university at NYC) would not have allowed such a chance.

Second, another professor, understanding that between practicum and five classes I have been busy, readily gave me an extension. I was so worried about asking for an extension on my paper, that when the professor readily agreed, I was startled. Again, comparing this professor’s reaction to my request for an extension to the professors in my MA program is shocking.

Because most of the professors at MSPP are also practicing psychologists, they empathize with everything the students are going through. If we are busy as students, they too are very busy as clinicians and professors. These understanding professors remind me of why I chose MSPP in the first place. I am delighted and grateful to be studying in such a sympathetic environment.