April Showers Bring May Flowers

Posted on April 04,2011 by sburnsmspp

Today is raining. I drove home from my morning classes in a thunderstorm and it is only in the low 40s, so my house is chilly. Last week’s snow has washed away and my mood basically matches the weather. I want to take a nap, but I need to power through the rest of my afternoon and be productive. In just one short week I will be presenting my Capstone project! Although I’ve given my presentation a lot of thought, I have not created my PowerPoint and even though I have a full week, I feel as though I am procrastinating. I still need to attend my internship 3 days this week and I’m babysitting on Saturday, so realistically I do not have ample free time.

Amazingly, I have written a full rough draft of my Capstone paper—a whopping 75 pages without my references, which means I need to edit down. I feel EXTREMELY relieved that I have the bulk of this project completed, and I will feel even that much better once my presentation is out of the way next Monday! I heard that some of the professors who do not teach classes during my Capstone course attend different students’ presentations, so I definitely want to be prepared in case I have any visitors. The thought of spectators makes me nervous, but I suppose it will give me that extra nudge that I need at the end of my second year to do a stellar job!

As I’ve mentioned before, my literature review is on infidelity, specifically about gender differences and treatment approaches for infidelity couples. I’m thinking about opening my presentation with a short video of Tiger Woods and President Clinton, two very public figures with infamous relationships. I think that everyone in my class has heard of their cases of infidelity, so I’m hoping this approach will capture their interest and sustain their attention! The presentation is 1 hour long, so I need to incorporate a mixture of medias, such as videos, PPT slides, handouts, and in-class activities. I think that instead of writing about it now, I should get to work! Wish me luck...

You know the saying "April showers bring May flowers?" April showers=my mood and energy level right now, but May flowers=the thought of finishing my Spring semester & graduating!