Spring break is over...

Posted on March 31,2011 by kmorvillomspp

Last week was our spring break and I'm sad to see it go. Even though it was really nice to see all of my friends and get back to class, the time off was refreshing. I was able to take a day off from my practicum, so at least I had some time off. I know some students put in some extra hours, while others took the week off to travel.

Now that we're back it seems like there's hardly any time left in the semester. Though many of us just turned in our midterms, it seems as if finals are right around the corner. There's only about six weeks left in the semester and although it seems like a lot of time, it really just flies by.

I've noticed a lot of students preparing themselves for what lies ahead. Some are writing down all of the remaining assignments in a planner and thinking about when they are going to begin their work; others are taking advantage of the downtime right now and getting a head start.

So even though it was nice to have some time off, things are back in full swing here at MSPP. The next few weeks will be busy, but I know it'll go by quickly- plus the weather will be getting warmer soon, which just makes everything better!