Why MSPP? Accepting Your Acceptance Letter!

Posted on March 25,2011 by sburnsmspp

Some of you may be deciding which school to attend after receiving multiple acceptance letters in the past few weeks! Personally, I chose MSPP because of the small community atmosphere, the individualized attention from professors, the field placement opportunities, and being able to take Continuing Education classes for free during my studies.

Last year, I asked some of my classmates who were also first year M.A. Counseling students why they chose MSPP and this is what they had to say:

“I love the integrative model, the schools focus on self-awareness and the dynamic relationship between theoretical content, the work of the therapist and transformation of the self.”—Marcy LeLacheur, 43

“I choose to come to MSPP mainly due to the community feel. I love how informal classes and interactions with professors can be, yet we are still receiving a great education. Since I've been here, I've seen how small our program is and love that I see the same people every day, knowing that we are having the similar experience. It gives such a great sense of camaraderie and friendship.
” –Audra Socinski, 24

“I chose it because I like the fact that there are practicums from the get-go. It also has a really good reputation, which factored into my decision. Finally, I like the idea of continuing on to their Psy.D program.”—Alexandra Haney, 30.

“I choose MSPP because I was at first looking for a school that offered a PsyD program. My initial draw to MSPP was the PsyD program but noticing that the school also offered a Master’s in Counseling Psychology program, I decided on applying to that program to really see in those two years whether or not I wanted to pursue a doctoral degree. Other highlights about the school that I liked were that it was a small graduate school and that I got the impression that the students and faculty developed close relationships, which would enhance the school experience. I also liked the fact that it was located in Boston, MA, quiet enough not being in the heart of the city, but also close enough to benefit from the advantages that city-life offered.”—Michael Kesten, 23

“Some of the reasons why I chose MSPP were because it was in the Boston area, it is small and more of a community instead of a school, and it has a different approach to a Master's program than most other schools. I like the hand-on approach that it offers.”—Swati Panjwani, 23

“I chose MSPP mainly because of the location and I really liked the idea that they integrated field placement training and classroom education. In my opinion, that is the best way to learn techniques and the aspects of the psychological world by actually doing it.”—Katie Hickey, 22

“I personally chose MSPP because the entire curriculum is focused on things I am interested in. Whether it involves ethics, theory, or diversity, it all has to do with psychology and the effects it has on people. I also found MSPP to be very 'home- like’ in that everyone was here with a common interest—to contribute to the mental health field. Another determining factor for me was that MSPP was located in the Boston area—an area that allowed me to move back to the Northshore and an area that I considered to be filled with opportunity.” – Sylvia Rodrigues, 22

“I chose MSPP because I liked the idea of attending a school where the sole purpose is psychology. The other schools I was accepted into didn't have the experiential education that MSPP has. I also know a graduate of the Psy.D program from MSPP (who attended about 20 years ago) who told me of all the great things the school had to offer.”-Sarah Harris, 24

“I only applied to two schools because I was planning on taking a year off to work and really figure out my life plan. I came for the interview and stayed in downtown Boston for a couple days, both for the interview and to see a new city.
 I attended the entire interview day and really enjoyed the experience. I liked all the presentations. I liked my interview, and I pretty much enjoyed everything about my trip. A month later I received my acceptance. After a lot of thought I decided to take the plunge and prepared for where I am today.” –Cole Eshbach, 23

“I chose MSPP because it came highly recommended to me by some colleagues I had. Also during Interview day, I fell in love with the school, its staff, and its programs.”- Paul Carney, 29

I hope these student responses make your decision about attending MSPP easier! Go with your gut and choose the school that is the best fit for you…