Why I chose MSPP

Posted on March 24,2011 by kmorvillomspp

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already that time of the year when MSPP begins to send out acceptance letters to prospective students. Two years ago, around this time, I remember anxiously waiting to hear if I had been accepted or not. When I received my acceptance letter my fiancé and I literally jumped up and down. We were so excited that I had gotten into my first choice school. I had interviews scheduled at other institutions across the country, but as soon as I got that letter, I cancelled all of my other interviews.

Before applying to MSPP I had worked as a mental health worker in a psychiatric hospital and a case manager at a residential facility. Experience was important to me and I knew that I wanted a graduate program that emphasized clinical work over research. I also wanted a program that provided students with ample opportunities to work in the field. When I came across MSPP I was thrilled to find that students got hands on experience doing clinical work right away. Furthermore, I knew that there would be many different populations and settings for field sites because the school was located in Boston.

After doing some research on the program, I found that it could be completed in four years. This was also important to me. Though I love school, four years of undergraduate and four years of graduate school was about all I could handle. If it was much more than that I was afraid I would become burnt out and have a difficult time finishing. Four years seemed like something I could handle, and I have to admit as a 2nd year student, the past two years have flown by.

Another thing that caught my eye about MSPP was the courses offered. The requirements sounded interesting and the electives exciting. I liked that students had the opportunity to take many different assessment classes, something that I was and still am very interested in. Furthermore, I liked that MSPP offered concentrations, which allowed students to specialize in Forensic, Family, Child & Adolescent, Latino Mental Health, or Health Psych. Though I eventually decided not to pursue a concentration, I had contemplated joining the Health Psych or Latino Mental Health track. Moreover, the faculty at MSPP seemed so friendly and really invested in the students.

Finally the location of the school sold me. Most of my family lives in New England and surrounding areas. MSPP’s location allowed me to stay close to family and get the much needed support that accompanies being a grad student. As mentioned previously, I also knew that because the school was located in Boston that there would be amazing opportunities for clinical work.

So, for all the reasons mentioned above, I chose MSPP. Hopefully some of our prospective students feel the same way and if accepted, will decide to become apart of the next class. Good luck and hopefully all will get into the program that’s the right fit!