On being a broke grad student

Posted on March 22,2011 by kmorvillomspp

Being a poor grad student is never fun, but often comes with the territory of working toward an advanced degree. A lot of prospective students wonder how they can afford a degree while taking a full course load, putting in hours at their internship/practicum, and having some sort of social life. It’s not easy, but I will tell you it’s doable.

Many students here at MSPP also have jobs in addition to their classes and field placements. I know you’re wondering how they possibly have time, but somehow they do. Many students wait tables at night after classes, babysit, or work in retail on the weekends- after all we live in Boston, so there’s plenty of opportunities for this type of work.

MSPP also offers students many job opportunities, such as working in the library, being a teacher’s assistant, or even a student blogger! ;) Jobs in the library can be beneficial, because you often have time to get homework done, which is always a plus. Working as a teacher’s assistant is also an important job here at MSPP. Many teachers rely on TA’s to help them with things such as grading papers and supporting the students. I know that I’d eventually like to TA and will hopefully have the opportunity in the coming years.

Other students work in the Academic Resource Center and help students with their writing. Some work in the Tech Department, and believe me the teachers always utilize these students to help with powerpoints, movies, etc… So if you’re worried about how you will be able to afford rent while in grad school or pay off student loans, there are plenty of opportunities at MSPP and in the local area to work. Somehow we all manage to get by and if you’re thinking about MSPP, you will too!